26 December 2010

An Introduction and a very very special Work In Progress

So I have finally launched my blog after much internal debate, procrastination and general to-ing and fro-ing. That Chick Who Draws has been a concept that has rolled around my mind for months, possibly years. For some reason this month the stars have aligned, the gods have spoken and I have finally gotten the urge to put it all together, so not only do I now have this blog but also a cute little Etsy shop to sell the products of my labor.

I intend for That Chick Who Draws to be an idea warehouse and a place where all those who maybe interested can see how I work; the method behind the madness so to speak. In the future I hope to feature other artists and crafters whose work inspires and moves me, have some snazzy contests and start some kind of regular art/craft/creative challenge that myself and others may create something and then share it in a cool 'show and tell' like fashion.

Now I also referred to a special commission in the title of this post. The client is Me and the portrait is of my ten month old son, here always referred to as Little Dude. I have not drawn a portrait like this for myself in a long time and I am super excited about it.

I started it today in between naps and dinner and as you can see I have very faintly drawn in the general outline and I have started to render the eyes. I always start with the eyes - if I were to get them wrong I would lose the likeness and, more importantly, the personality of the subject.

This drawing will be 8x10 inches upon completion and drawn on Bristol Smooth paper. So far everything you see has been worked with a 2B mechanical pencil.